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In this video training series, you will:

Hot Mess Program Features

Learn to overcome your fear of public speaking by playing nicely with the sensation that comes up when you think about standing in front of an audience and moving them to action.

Hot Mess Program Features

Demystify the key ingredients of a successful, soul-stirring speech...and why everything you need to create such a talk already lives inside of you.

Hot Mess Program Features

Identify the difficult "Come to Jesus" moments you would rather forget...and why sharing them is your secret sauce for being a hotshot speaker.

Hot Mess Program Features

Discover why your expertise and speaking experience might be undermining your chances of getting booked...and how to make a subtle and significant shift to ensure it doesn’t.

Hot Mess Program Features

Learn how entrepreneurs, business professionals, consultants, educators, artists, and thought leaders use public speaking to advance their careers, build their platforms, and increase revenue for their businesses.

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Alexia Vernon Biography

Branded a "Moxie Maven" by the White House for my unique approach to developing women's voices, through my Step Into Your Moxie platform I have become the go-to expert for helping TEDx speakers, entrepreneurs, executives, online experts, business professionals, educators, and creatives get over their fear of public speaking and deliver their spotlight talks. A motivational speaker focused on heart-centered and high impact communication, values-driven leadership, and women’s empowerment, I not only cultivate the voices of thought leaders, I am one. I have scored face time with hundreds of corporate, conference, and college audiences with my keynote speeches and interactive trainings, and I am founder of the Las Vegas-based women’s leadership training program, Influencer Academy. As the co-organizer and co-host of Las Vegas’ TEDxFremontEastWomen, I possess a unique understanding of the TED speaking style and what organizers are looking for in prospective speakers.

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What some of my clients are saying

Stefanie Frank Testimonial

Alexia's ability to meet me exactly where I was helped me create a tour de force talk that is a full on 100% expression of who I am.

Alexia's coaching style is the perfect blend of compassion, professionalism, expertise, and cutting edge tools. She guided me to create a talk that bolstered my confidence in myself, lifted my spirits, and benefitted my business.

Stefanie Frank, Content Strategist, Writer, Speaker

Toshia Shaw Testimonial

Alexia approached my TEDx talk with patience, sensitivity, and understanding, all while holding me accountable. I wouldn’t have been able to convert my traumatic tale into a story of hope and redemption without her.

Since working with Alexia I have been a beacon of hope for other sex violence survivors, seen an increase in my life-coaching business, and even secured a top speaking agent.

Toshia Shaw, Founder and Executive Director, Purple W.I.N.G.S. and TEDx Speaker

Christina Ambubuyog Testimonial

Working with Alexia was phenomenal. Even though I was comfortable teaching in front of groups, I definitely wasn’t fully comfortable speaking in front of an audience. I knew I wanted to “find my voice”, get cozy in my skin while on stage, and weave in the ability to tell stories for greater impact with my message. My time with Alexia provided me with that...and so much more.

Christina Ambubuyog, Founder of ILoveIntuition.com and TEDx speaker

Sandi Herrera Testimonial

With Alexia's help, my speaking evolved into that of a woman who is vulnerable, yet articulate and inspirational.I use my Moxie skills to lead workshops with entire school communities, speak at national conferences, inspire others to articulate their individual core values, and make a difference. With continued guidance and support from Alexia I know that I am on the right path to changing the world one school at a time with the power of my voice!

Sandi Herrera, CEO, Got Core Values and TEDx Speaker


Enter your name and email address below to access the first video
in the Hot Mess to Hotshot Speaker series.